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Objectives and Mission

REPAOC inception dated back in 2006 during the World Social Forum held in Bamako. It was institutionalised in 2007 in Dakar, Senegal.

REPAOC, Network of West and Central African NGO National Platforms consists of 14 National NGO Platforms. In total, it includes more t han 800 local, national and international NGOs, working every day in the field with highly marginalized populations.

REPAOC intends to strive collectively to fight against poverty and for to promote human rights at regional and international levels in a background of increasing North-South, but also South–South inequalities.

4 objectives:
► Ensure greater representation for West and Central African NGOs at regional and international level, both governmental and non-governmental
► Take collective stands with national, regional and international institutions by undertaking common opinion campaigns;
► Strengthen the organisation of NGO National platforms for developing services for members, to ensure greater co-action wi h national government bodies and guarantee independence of its members.
► Help African civil societies to be heard in international media
REPAOC has a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.
REPAOC is being chaired by SPONG for 2 years (2011-2013)

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Nos coordonnées

Secrétariat Permanent du REPAOC, Liberté VI Extension, Immeuble Soda Marième, 4ème étage,
B.P. : 47485 Dakar-Liberté (Sénégal) Tél : +221 33 827 76 46 - E-mail :