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FONGTO stands for the Federation of Non-governmental organizations in Togo. It is a platform of dialogue and exchange between NGOs and the various development partners. Its inception dated back in October 2nd, 1986 on the initiative of some NGOs active in Togo and in the aftermath of the dissolution of CONGAT (Council of NGOs Active in Togo) which had been established in 1976. FONGTO has a membership of 144 national and international NGOs and groups. The international FONGTO member NGOs include: Plan-Togo, “Aide et Action”, “Terre des Hommes” etc.

Its mission is to organize, support, and coordinate NGOS and groups active in Togo for sustainable human development.

• Organizing collaboration, dialogue, and cooperation between NGOs and other development stakeholders;
• Intervention capacity building for NGOs and groups to be more professional in terms of good governance by organizing training workshops and meetings;
• Representing and protecting NGOs and groups interests;
• Monitoring and supporting NGOs and groups;
• Representing member NGOs and groups to public authorities and to technical and financial partners in Togo;
• Participating in the emergence of a responsible civil society.
FONGTO vision is to be a strong apex organization providing a framework for NGOs and groups in Togo so as to be more professional with quality service provisions.

FONGTO is active in several areas:
• Training earmarked for executives of member NGOs and groups;
• Information/documentation: a liaison bulletin: “LES ECHOS DES ONG”, launching of a Resource and Information Centre (CID);
• Assistance and support to NGOs and groups;
• Studies and research;
• Partnership between NGOs/Government/Donors: FONGTO is involved in various decision making processes and negotiations.

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