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Senegal: CONGAD

CONGAD was created in 1982 by non-governmental organizations active in Senegal in an attempt to protect the material and moral interests of its member organizations in their relationships with the Government and other partners.

CONGAD has a membership of 178 Senegalese, African, European, American, and international non-governmental organizations: 14 regional units in Senegal (1 in each administrative region) and 9 thematic networks.
The thematic networks are:

• Poverty Alleviation;
• Health, AIDS, Populations;
• Environment and Development;
• Gender;
• Savings and Loans;
• Human Rights and Democracy;
• Literacy Education;
• Arts and Culture;
• Agricultural Policies and Trade;

As an instrument designed materialize the ambition of NGOs implementing their activities in Senegal, CONGAD missions include capacity building interventions for civil society organizations, information dissemination, and coordination of position and proposal development activities for an effective and efficient involvement on public action dialogue, lobbying, and advocacy for a civil society stronger enough to influence policies.

CONGAD is the African focal point of the Non-governmental Diplomacy of the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP).
This consortium is active in developing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating public policies (Poverty Alleviation, Health Integrated Development Programme, Education and Training Programme, Sustainable Development Programme …) and development partnership policies (Cotonou Agreement and the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), ALPI Programme for the monitoring of the Senegal-USA partnership through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the Accelerated Growth Strategy, the Millennium Challenge Account, the World Bank-Senegal partnership.
"Promotion of participatory development through capacity building for its member organizations, and political, economic, social, and cultural dialogue, and advocacy”

CONGAD general objective is to strengthen the positive contribution and influence of NGOs in development actions of civil society organizations active in Senegal and in the West African sub region in an effort to meet the challenges of globalization through economic, social, cultural, and political emancipation of communities.

CONGAD specific objectives include:
• Strengthening of NGOs interventions in development processes;
• Promoting responsible citizenship and community involvement in development processes;
• Developing an active partnership on development policies for poor and/or marginalized communities
• Consolidating internal organizations and CONGAD branches;
• Contributing to conflict prevention and resolution, and to emergency situations.

Thus, CONGAD aims at being an interface between NGOs, Government, civil society organizations, and development partners. It is also a framework for social, political, economic, and cultural dialogue with the mission of developing the technical capacities and social performance of NGOs in an effort to strengthen civil society influence on public policies and actions.

- Facilitation of organization activities by strengthening the relationships between CONGAD and its member organization, and improvement of NGO service provisions, and thematic dialogue;
- Dialogue with Government for an appropriate reform of NGO intervention frameworks and CONGAD strategic positioning in dialogue processes related to democratic and socioeconomic governance;
- Dialogue with technical and financial partners for a more appropriate support including institutional support, within the framework of NGOs public service missions;
- Monitoring of public action through social auditing of operational programmes for an efficient participation of civil society organizations, including community based organizations in public policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
-   Dialogue with National Assembly, Local Councils, and the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council for an ownership of the civil society positions and proposals aiming at promoting good governance and sustainable economic development.

• Support to NGOs in administrative development and relationship building with administration branches;
• Dialogue with territorial governments, State outreach services, and local authorities for the sake of effectiveness of the Framework Convention between the Government and NGOs active in Senegal;
• Capacity building on the issues of dialogue, monitoring, advocacy for civil society organizations about land reform, youth rights, women rights, MDGs review, and development of the Post 2015 Agenda, and the Education and Training Quality, Equity, Transparency Improvement Programme (PAQUET),  Decentralization Act III, and ECOWAS Community Development Programme (CDP)…;
• Monitoring of partnership strategies between Senegal and technical and financial partners;
• Promotion of CSO involvement in dialogue processes on governance and multilateral institution facilitation  (UN-OIC-OIF…)
• Fundraising for local NGOs;
• Networking and information sharing.

European Union – Oxfam Novib- Christian Aid –PMF – UNDP -  World MDG Campaign.

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