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The Network of Development NGOs and Human Rights defence and Democracy Associations (RODADDHD) was established in June 2005 with an eye to creating a framework for cooperation extended to Nigerien CSOs in order to actively and effectively participate in major national, regional and international meetings.
Composed of 13 Associations and NGOs since its inception, RODADDHD now stands as the largest network of associations recognized in Niger with over 80 members.

It is governed by an Executive Board composed of members of the National Coordination of Presidents of thematic groups and regional coordinators. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Network and gathers once a year, but it may meet in extraordinary session whenever requested by two-thirds of the members of the Board.

RODADDHD’s mission is to appear as a credible interlocutor for the state, development partners and clusters of national and international networks and groups working on the same thematic areas.
The objective is to succeed in building the capacities of members of the Network for increased and active participation in thematics relating to the development of our country. For member structures, the RODADDHD stands as a springboard that helps build their capacities to the extent possible.

Thematic areas
They include democratic governance; human rights; sustainable environment; trade; sustainable development; regional integration; and the free movement of goods and people; aid effectiveness; The New Deal; EPAs; Early Marriages; AfDB’s  results-based development management; citizen mobilization to ensure a lookout on public policies.

The objectives pursued can be mainly summarized as that of ensuring the rights of citizens in decision-making at national, regional and international levels. For this to be effective, the RODADDHD felt from the early stages the need to work in large groups, collectives and networks at national, regional and international levels.

Current project
- Establishment of watchdog and standby committees on issues of early and forced marriage in the major schools of Niamey, and the issues of the withdrawal of girls from schools and their forced marriage and exposure to sexual harassment.
- Establishment of an operational framework gathering CSOs and local elected officials on issues of official development assistance and Africa-EU agreements
- Consultation meetings between the Nigerien CSOs (pre and post Busan)
- Establishment of a permanent working framework between the government, CSOs and FTPs. Meetings are held on a regular basis.

Ways forward:
RODADDHD intends to:
• Conduct a thematic situational inventory of NGOs and to produce a directory,
• Advocate for the signing of the New Deal in Niger
• Translate the Istanbul Principles into a bill of law which will serve as a framework for NGOs in Niger and to conduct an advocacy towards parliamentarians and policy makers
• Advocate for the construction of an NGO House in Niger
• Work on REAPOC’s thematic areas in order to achieve a relevant assertion of its expertise on certain issues
• Organise forums on peacebuilding in some post-conflict areas.

The RODADDHD is a member of REPAOC and Dynamique OSCAF.

Contacts :
Route Torodi, Face sud FM, villa 1135
POB: 13649 Niamey Niger
Tel : 0022796429814  / 96963458            
Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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