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Guinea: FONGDD

The Forum of NGOs for Sustainable Development (FONGDD) is a platform of dialogue gathering national and international NGOs in Guinea.

FONGDD was established in February 1996 in an effort to prevent the lack of dialogue between NGOs implementing activities in the Republic of Guinea, to synergize their actions and messages in a space of dialogue and exchange, and to influence public decision making processes through a collective position towards current issues and challenges.
The Forum includes 69 members: on the one hand national and international NGOs and on the other an action group of 33 women NGOs.


The FONGDD mission consists in:
- Having the participating NGOs contribute through a dynamic and qualitative dialogue to the development process of Guinea;
- Facilitate a real spirit of complementarity and partnership between the NGOs involved, and have them as a synergizing catalyst develop and implement joint programmes which may include integrated projects and at the same time their own specific programmes and projects


- Raising the information level of NGOs about development issues, challenges and commitments at global, regional, and local levels;
- Improve NGOs capacities to collect data and information suitable for situation analysis, to design development methodologies and information tools;
- Materialize a spirit of partnership between national and international NGOs as far as development issues are concerned;
- Capitalize on NGO experiences and successes in development activities;
- NGO capacity building to mobilize and manage internal and external resources;
- Establish a framework of dialogue and promote within and without the NGO community a clearer identity and role of the NGO institution.  


• Literacy education;
• Health, HIV/AIDS response;
• Rural development, management of natural resource and environment;
• Decentralization, democracy, and good governance;
• Capacity building;
• Advocacy on issues of peace, security, and national reconciliation.


• Establishment of a framework of dialogue for CSO platforms;
• Organization of capitalization workshops on the successes of the transition justice within the framework of national reconciliation;
• Fundraising for projects;
• Information day on the New Deal.


FONGDD is a member organization with REPAOC and CNOSCG (National Council of Civil Society Organizations of Guinea) and organization with which it is involved in observing the legislative elections.


Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MATD), UNDP, EU, USAID, the French Embassy in Guinea, ECOWAS, OSIWA, and WACSI.

Despite its peculiarity, FONGDD is a framework of exchange, information sharing/communication for mutual capacity building of its members. In partnership with political authorities, FONGDD is involved in the definition of sector policies in an effort to mainstream community based concerns and their implementation by supporting the process.
FONGDD is a member organization of the CSO Platform of Guinea (CNOSCG), of REPAOC at regional level, and of IFP (International Forum of National NGO Platforms).

• Civic education for free elections;
• HIV/AIDS response;
• Protection of the environment;
• Advocacy on child trafficking;
• Advocacy on arms and weapons smuggling in Guinea.


• Debt remission for poor countries;
• Reform for free and transparent elections;
• Support to Unions to improve the workers’ conditions of living;
• Involvement of women in decision making processes.

Those activities are coordinated by CNOSCG with technical and financial support from development partners in an effort to synergize civil society actions.

Postal address: POB. 569 Conakry – Republic of Guinea
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Tel: (+ 224) 622 90 81 10

Mrs Saran TOURE, President
Tel: (+224) 628 29 64 83 / 664 20 55 49
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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