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Cape Verde : PLATONG

Cape Verde: PLATONG

The NGO Platform of Cape Verde was created on June 16, 1996, in the context of vibrant civil society organization and participation process, whose main references are the country's independence in 1975, the publication of the associations Act in 1987 (Act No. 78/III/87 ) and political opening up in 1991.
The Platform is an independent and non-profit NGO enjoying financial, administrative and pecuniary autonomy, since it has been legally recognized as a public interest organisation by a decree of the Minister of Justice on 17/02/98, gazetted with No. 8 /98.
Currently, the Praia-headquartered platform has a delegation in São Vicente and branches in 20 other municipalities all over the country.

PLATONG seeks to contribute to building a more dynamic, efficient and stronger, well established and nationally representative civil society, in a bid to build a more just and caring society with less poverty and where every citizen can exercise their human rights and citizenship in an environment of progress, peace, justice and equal opportunities for all.

The mission of the Platform is to contribute to the strengthening and improvement of member NGOs, through the implementation of concerted actions and by promoting its participation in the process of socio-economic development of the country.

The objectives of the platform are:
• To represent affiliated NGOs and defend their interests;
• To contribute to strengthening dialogue and cooperation between Northern NGOs and community-based organizations;
• Promote mutual understanding, experience sharing, dialogue and collaboration between NGOs and the remaining civil society organisations
• Gradually improve the institutional capacity so that it can meet the needs of NGOs and civil society.

Members of the Platform include national and international NGOs and community associations legally recognized and regularly engaged in activities in Cape Verde.
The platform currently has over 220 members, including NGOs and community-based associations.

Areas of intervention:
Representation and promotion of partnerships, information and communication, training and capacity building, institutional strengthening

Key partners:
National and local Cape Verdean public and private entities
Multilateral Cooperation
Bilateral cooperation
International NGOs

Membership to networks:
REPAOC, IFP, Network of Portuguese-speaking Countries’ platforms, REDE SAN- Network for Food and Nutrition Security of PALOPs , ONE UN - Reform of the UN System, Cape Verde is one of 14 countries selected for the pilot phase, Coordinator and Advisory Board MCA Programme, National Steering Committee and the Regional Committee of the West African Quality Programme

For further information, please download the brochure of PLATONG (in French). You will find information about its activities, partnerships, membership procedures, etc.

Plataforma das ONG – Achada São Filipe
Cidade da Praia - CP 76 – C
Tél: (238) 261 78 43
Fax: (238) 261 78 45
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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