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The European Union supports REPAOC and the promotion of multi-stakeholder dialogue in West Africa

Since January 2013, the European Union has been supporting REPAOC in its mission to represent and strengthen West African civil society. This collaboration is carried out in the context of a 5-year project in partnership with the REPONGAC (Network of NGO Platforms of Central Africa), ACTED and the IFP (International Forum of national NGO platforms) which aims to promote multi-stakeholder dialogue on topics of general interest in West Africa.


INSARD: Seeing ARD differently

In most developing countries agriculture, which remains the largest economic sector, represents on average 29% of national production and generates 65% of employment. This agriculture encompasses both “modern” agriculture and family farming. In Sub-Saharan Africa, most of the farms are family-run (nearly 80 %) and the sector employs about 75% of the working age population. Despite this important economic and social burden, it does remain an undervalued activity.


Le REPAOC organise l’atelier final de restitution du projet INSARD (fr)

INSARD (Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development) est un projet régional qui vise principalement la prise en charge des besoins des petits producteurs agricoles par le système de recherche appliquée. Ce projet œuvre pour une implication plus active des organisations de la société civile (OSC), tant les organisations non-gouvernementales (ONG) que les organisations paysannes (OP), dans les efforts visant à influencer les systèmes de recherche agricole en Afrique.


Brussels Policy Briefing

CTA in collaboration with the EC/DECVO, the ACP Secretariat and Concord organises in Brussels a Policy Briefing, on the 14 November, in partnership with INSARD project.

This Briefing is co-organised with INSARD – Including Smallholders in Agriculture Research for Development – which is an EC-funded partnership project involving six African and European-based CSOs. INSARD is working towards making it easier for CSOs – both non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and farmer organisations (FOs) – to be actively involved in influencing agricultural research systems in Africa.

This briefing will address issues related to the way in which ARD can respond better to the needs of smallholders by giving smallholders a bigger say in all research stages. In particular, the briefing will: (i) highlight the key opportunities and challenges in making ARD more responsive to smallholders’ needs and own initiatives; (ii) provide space for sharing experiences with ARD driven by smallholder farmers; and (iii) facilitate networking among development partners.

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Mediation process of the INSARD project

In the aftermath of the roundtable, REPAOC has launched the mediation process of the INSARD project (Including Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development).


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