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5th Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia

The NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN), an umbrella organization of Nepalese NGOs has host the 5th Glocal Advocacy Lerdership in Asie (GALA) Academy from 12 to 16 November 2017 in Pokhara (Nepal). The 5th Glocal Advocacy Leadership in Asia (GALA) Academy is a joint initiative of Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and Asia Democracy Network (ADN) with the aim of strengthening advocacy capacity of CSOs for defending and promoting civic and democracy space and human rights through strategic glocal (global and local) actions on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainble Development Goals (SDGs).

REPAOC and its partner International Forum of national Platforms (IFP) attended this trainning which expected to help CSOs to learn about SDGs as well as how to engage with the Government and others stakeholders for the implementation of SDGs including monitoring and coalition building among CSOs accross the sectors. 

By sharing experiencies and knowledges, the trainning will help and support CSOs to launch the Voluntary National Review (VNR) process at the national level.

REPAOC members at the 4th World Forum for Local Economic Development (Praia)

From 17 to 20 October, members of the Repaoc Network participated in the 4th World Forum for Local Economic Development in Praia (Cape Verde). In its vision to fight poverty and promote human rights, REPAOC through its members has exchanged with the different actors for a better collaboration in development. During the event the members exchanged with the Former President of Cape Verde Mr. Pedro PIRES, the Commissioner of ECOWAS Mr. Mamadou Traore and the Minister of the Interior of Burkina-Faso Mr. Simeon SAWADOGO. Under the theme "Local Economic Development as a Global Framework for Locating Sustainable Development Goals: Responding to Growing Inequalities", this forum is an open working process, started in 2011, that promotes international dialogue and shared knowledge. experiences on local economic development (LED).


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