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The Regional Coordination of the REPAOC, which guarantees the good functioning and the good running of our network, wishes to inform you that individuals of the "corrupt and corrupt" civil society with empty of easy money use the name of the REPAOC for their own purposes.
Their approach is neither part of the REPAOC action plan nor officially approved by the members of the Board of Directors.
We denounce this anti-political approach which contributes to tarnish the image of West African civil society. The REPAOC is not closely involved in the so-called "Citizen Forum on Democratic Transitions in the ECOWAS, Lomé".

The Regional Coordination

Statement of west African networks presents in Praia

Civil Society Organizations of West Africa (CSO), have participated in the Preparatory meeting organized by REPAOC with the support of West Africa Institute (WAI) and WACSI, this 28th of January 2016 in Praia (Cabo Verde), following issues related to governance, organization and coordination of activities of West African networks and bordering mainly on:

  • weakness of institutional structures ;
  • weakness of financial and technical capacities;
  • weakness of internal governance system;
  • incapacity to act intelligently and to mobilize resources necessary for the implementation of joint projects
  • absence of an effective, sustainable and periodic dialogue framework to establish a common advocacy programs;


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