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ACF: Zero Hunger: Transforming Evidence-Based Success Into Effective Change (En)

Why have some countries managed to reduce undernutrition whilst others have not? How did they manage to do so? Why does undernutrition persist at a time when the world produces more food than ever before?  


ACF: Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition

ACF has just published a new report: "Sowing the Seeds of Good Nutrition. Making Agricultural Policies Deliver Better Nutrition". This report, based on three case studies conducted in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Peru, demonstrate that agriculture can and must do more to contribute to the fight against under-nutrition. The countries most concerned, international organisations and major donors of the agricultural sectors should urgently act to fulfill their recent commitments on this issue.

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ACF Advocacy toolkit

Action Against Hunger | ACF International (ACF) is an NGO with extensive field experience which has witnessed the effects of hunger for more than three decades. It is therefore in a clear position to report and advocate on issues relating to hunger and to influence change at political level. Its work in around 45 countries to tackle hunger and undernutrition provides it with unrivalled, specialised evidence that can be used to inform and influence major stakeholders.

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Oxfam's report on Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Universal Health Coverage has risen to the top of the global health agenda. At its core, Universal Health Coverage is about the right to health. According to the World Health Organization every year 100 million people are pushed into poverty because they have to pay in cash for medicines and treatment – that’s the equivalent of three people every second. Everyone – whether rich or poor – should get the health care they need without suffering financial hardship.

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IFP's publication on its initiatives of non-governmental diplomacy

The NGDE (non –governmental diplomacy exercise) is a methodology to determine shared analyses, to develop advocacy initiatives and to construct coherent positioning on issues of global interest in order to exert influence in international negotiation processes.


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